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Are you using yahoo for business?


Web Mails - Central Role for Information Exchange

With the rapid growth of information technology and the ever-increasing use of the Internet, webmail service is playing a more and more important role in daily communication. Not only have entrepreneurs all over the world made more frequent use of webmail services for day-to-day business contact, but the general public has also become more reliant on webmail service for communication. While the use of webmail services has increased tremendously, the protection of personal information and business confidentiality have become of great concern for webmail users. When using webmail service, free or paid, most users are in fact broadcasting receiving information via a public mail service system or server, which is far beyond their own personal control. In other words, mails delivered via such means are vulnerable to information leakage during an information exchange.

IEI WebMail Server - Seven Unbeatable Advantages!

1. Minimum Cost - Maximum Benefits
Why pay more? For the price of a low-cost personal computer, users can establish a web-based mail server. In addition to owning a webmail service under your own name. Post Genie Web Mail Server also supports Mail Logger management. It is highly compatible with standard mail reception and delivery software. Users can efficiently collect customer information, broadcast newsletters, invitation, promotions and sale offers etc. for better CRM

2. 5-min quick and easy installations
The user-friendly interface of Post Genie Web Mail Server enables users to install and establish a webmail service within 5 minutes! The quick installation procedure can be easily followed without any technical assistance.

3. Pay only once for a life time service
A one-off cost for Post Genie Web Mail Server offers unlimited benefits. Users are no longer restricted by the terms of a free mail service or the high price of a virtual mail server. Post Genie WebMail Server enables the creation of unlimited mail accounts to enjoy and all-in-one webmail service.

4. Easy-to-expand disk volume and highly secure data protection
WMS-2208R supports a large disk volume of up to 400GB with RAID 1 mirroring disk capacity! WMS-2408 supports up to 1TB disk volume, but additionally with RAID 5 (disk striping with paritly). Post Genie WebMail Server is compatible with all IEI Network Attached Storage Server models to meet the demand for larger disk volume, remote replication and business information exchange platform.

5. Mail Logger management and information leakage prevention
IEI's Post Genie WebMail Server has implemented a Mail Logger function, which records every incoming and outgoing mail to prevent the leakage of confidential company information.

6. Easy access to the webmail service; any time, anywhere
Users can easily access their webmail service via the Internet Explorer out of home or office, or on a business trip. In case of computer malfunction, all mails are still kept safely on the server and protected against system crash, viruses, or loss of date due to a power outage.

7. Remote control and efficient management
IEI's Post Genie WebMail Server provides a remote control function which enables the user to manage their webmail server via the Internet easily and efficiently.