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In a rapidly expanding market environment, business owners are not only facing the new challenges of advanced information technology, but also have to tip their scale by providing comprehensive products and managing chain stores distribution on a much broader scale. Moreover, analyzing customer’s purchasing behavior has acquired a greater importance in a rapidly expanding market environment. Therefore, a revolutionary POS System was developed to fit the market needs POS system.

The third generation POS system can be installed in different platforms and run various applications in a single stand-alone unit or part of a network environment and other workstations. Moreover, it also provides important functions such as credit card processing and authorization, IC card banking and internet access. In a competitive market, it is crucial to learn more about customers. Not only the POS system will provide insight into all business decisions, but also raise the work efficiency and accuracy of the employees.

POS system is usually being used in unpropitious environment: Environment characteristics:

1. Long working hours, numerous repetitions

2. Dusty environment: it has to survive dusty environment

3. Force impact: it has to be shock proof.

In conclusion, POS system has to be waterproof, shock proof, dust proof and temper proof. Therefore, only the Industrial PC can reach the high level of stability and reliability.

Retail Business Solution

The stability of the POS system is mainly depended on the computer. As an industrial computer leader, ArmorLink sets high standard for its products. ArmorLink has dedicate itself to the powerful POS Main Boards such as POS-370, which supports 3 RS-232 ports and 1 RS-232/422/485 optional port to connect with peripherals such as customer display, and printer. It also integrates 4 I/O interfaces to control registers and other peripherals. Dual Monitors allow customers to learn more about your company and products while the transaction has been processed. It is the best POS solution for the chain stores. ArmorLink also adapts RACK-300 RACK-2300 EC-1016 EC-1020 exclusive equipment, which mainly designed for business organizations to build the POS retail system solution.

For the credit card reader: use bi-directional manual swipe reader KB12-LM with POS566, POS370, NOVA7896FW, and POS-478


Economy system: POS-566

Excellent quality and reasonable price POS main board; It supports Socket-7 CPU, 4 serial ports, 2 parallel ports&, 2 USB interface, isolated digital I/O with 4 input channels and 4 output channels, 10/100M Ethernet, SoundBlaster SB16 compatible audio chip on board.

Intermediate System: POS-370

Powerful POS Main Board, it supports Socket-370 CPU. It supports CRT and LCD display, 10/100M Ethernet, AC?7 compliant audio CODEC with 6W x 2 amplifier, one Compact Flash Slot, I/O supports chassis intrusion detection to strengthen the security.

Enterprise System: NOVA-7896FW

Value added POS Main Board. It supports Socket-370 CPU, Dual Displays, support CRT and LCD, isolated digital I/O with 4 input channels and 4 output channels, Dual 10/100M Ethernet, one Compact Flash slot, and IEEE-1394 interface.

Deluxe System: POS-478

Most advanced POS Main Board, support up to P4 3.06GHz CPU w/ Hyper-Treading Technology. POS-478 supports CRT and LCD display, 10/100M Ethernet and Gigabit LAN, AC?7 compliant audio CODEC with 6W amplifier, one Compact Flash Slot, I/O supports 4S, 1P, 2 of Serial-ATA 6 of USB2.0, IEEE-1394, and Digital I/O

Customer Display

  WD-111 WD-304 WD-202
Customer Display LED LCD VFD
Data Display 11 columns x 1 line 30 columns x 4 line 20 columns x 2 line
Com Port

RS-232 RS-232 RS-232
Size (mm) 225W¡Ñ10D¡Ñ560H 225W¡Ñ10D¡Ñ560H 225W¡Ñ10D¡Ñ560H


  WP-T600 WP-911 WP-200 WP-103S
Printer type Thermal Printer


Dot Matrix


Dot Matrix Dot Matrix
Com Port RS-232 RS-232

Parallel Port and Ir DA port


Parallel Port


Parallel Port

Print Method Regular

Bi-directional Bi-directional, 3 lines/sec Bi-directional high speed
Language Support Chinese¡AKorean and Japanese

Chinese¡AKorean and Japanese


Chinese¡AKorean and Japanese

Credit card reader terminal

KB12-LM 3¡Ñ4 Keyboard, 16¡Ñ2 LCD display, RS-232 interface; 9V/0.5A DC.

Banking Industry Solutions

IEI builds a complete POS bank solution with high system efficiency, stability and security. POS bank solution preserves its industrial computer characteristics such as flexibility, system expansion and easy maintenances. The POS bank system is very cost effective and believed to be the best choice to support the full scale of POS bank solution.

You can choose Socket-370 Celeron? / Pentium III processor. It is very compact that can fit in restricted space and yet offers one PCI slot for any PCI add on cards. New POS optional accessories, including dust, water proof magnetic card reader, customer/cashier dual pole monitors and receipt printer, support credit card reading and Chinese printing.