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Introduced PIAGP System


The PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) was established in 1994, setting its mission as defining specifications for industrial PCI/ISA passive backplane and CPU card interface. Since that, there is a giant advanced for performance of graphic interface. The PCI interface graphic card cat not provide enough bandwidth as advanced AGP interface.

As one of the world pioneers in CPU Card technology, and after lengthy consultation with our clints, iEi has developed a proprietary CPU card with AGP bus. This serial of products are named PIAGP (PCI, ISA, AGP). The PIAGP system include the SAGP series of CPU card and PCIAGP/PXAGP series passive backplanes.

The Advances of using this series of PIAGP System are numerous:

1. Supports standard AGP 8X slot on the PCIAGP/PXAGP series passive backplane.

2. Compatible with available AGP VGA cards

3. Support ISA Interface by add PISA-KIT01 PCI-to-ISA module

4. PCIAGP/PXAGP backplanes also provide an IDE RAID controller option.