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IPCMall Solution for Intel P4 Mobil

Upgrading from PIII to P4-M is as easy as swapping the CPU board with IEI's new P4-M product family. John has been building a robust industrial system with a half-size PIII CPU card and the system has been working flawlessly. The customers are happy with the PIII system.Yet, as the applications John's customer is running became more and more demanding, a PIII system is not enough in terms of processing power. It became clear that John needs to upgrade the system to P4 level. But looking at the details of power consumption and heat dissipation of a P4 CPU, John realized that he will need to switch the power supply as well as the chassis design in order to perform a system upgrade to P4 level. Fortunately, with IEI's P4-M product, John can upgrade his system by using IEI's PSB-4710M without changing the system's power supply or chassis

P4-M Advantage

The P4-M CPU is characterized by its low power consumption and high performance. According to Intel's specification, Intel P4-M CPU consumes about 25-35W of power compare to Intel P4 CPU's 80-95W. Moreover, the Intel P4-M utilizes 512KB of L2 Cache compare to P4's 256KB only, making the P4-M CPU actually faster than the P4 CPU with equivalent clock speed.

The P4-M CPU also fits the embedded roadmap from Intel. This means all our P4-M products will have long term support for our customer, and the processor from Intel such as the P4-M 1.7GHz and 2.2GHz CPU are guaranteed to have supply over five years. For industrial PC customers who are concerned about supply shortage, P4-M is the best solution.

IEI's Complete P4-M Solution

IEI's P4-M product solution is complete. Ranging from half size SBC (PSB-4710MEV), full size SBC (SAGP-845MEV), to 5.25" size (NOVA-8890M series) CPU board. In addition, iEi has designed the CF-515 CPU cooler to go with the P4-M product solution.

On the other hand, iEi provides ROCKY-4786E2V within Intel?865 chipsets in PICMG product line to enhance dual LAN solution. It is one of the powerful chipset of Intel?that capable to support CPU front side bus up to 800MHz with dual DDR400 SDRAM capability. In Point Of Sales series product line, iEi had phase-in another cost effective solution name POS-478E. It is taking off some of the un-necessary functions to be able to meet the cost sensitive market.

Furthermore, it is launching PAC-400 for completing the half size industrial P4 compact chassis product line on various applications.

IEI's P4-M Solution




800MHz system bus:
3.20, 3, 2.80C, 2.60C, 2.40CGHz

2.60, 2.50, 2.40, 2.20, 2.0, 1.80, 1.70, 1.60, 1.50, 1.40GHz
533MHz system bus:
3.06, 2.80, 2.66, 2.53, 2.40B, 2.26GHz
400MHz system bus:
2.60, 2.50, 2.40, 2.20, 2AGHz

L2 Cache

Normally 256KB

Power consumption

IEI P4-M Solution Selection Guide

Model Name SAGP-845MEV PSB-4710MEV NOVA-8890MSFG
CPU P4/P4-M/Celeron P4/P4-M/Celeron P4/P4-M/Celeron
Chipset i845G/GE +ICH4 i845G +ICH4 i845G/GV+ICH4
RAM Up to 2GB Up to 1GB Up to 1GB
AGP 4x 4x 4x
LAN 10/100mbps i82562ET
Intel i82562ET
10/100mbps i82562ET
Intel i82562ET
1 x 10/100mbps Intel
1 x GbE i82540
USB 2.0 4 2 4
IEEE-1394 N/A N/A 2
Serial-ATA N/A N/A 2